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Bloomington MN Dryer Vent Hose Installations

Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities

Your clothes dryer, like all other appliances, is a great convenience to have. However, it needs cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance and safety. Without dryer vent cleaning, the dryer in your Bloomington home can be a hazard.

One of the most important components of any properly functional dryer vent is a quality, proper dryer vent hose. The Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities staff is able to help you by installing a safe dryer vent hose that will also help your dryer to run at its most efficient.

Dryer vent hose tips & guidelines
When the dryer vent hose in your Bloomington MN residence needs replaced or repaired, keep in mind the following information and guidelines:

  • Your dryer ducts should be at least 4 inches in diameter. The ducts should be clean, frictionless and without any obstructions, to ensure optimum air flow and quicker drying times.
  • The joints should never be secured with duct tape, but metal tape.
  • Your dryer vent needs to be its own, independent of other venting types, like chimneys or exhaust vents.
  • When inspecting your dryer vent hose and the opening, look for clogs, like nests from birds and rodents. You should be able to feel from a foot back the dryer exhaust.
  • Your dryer vent hose should never be kinked or crushed, and there needs to be space to provide room for the hose to make its bends.
  • If you want a concealed duct system, then it should be made of rigid metal, like galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • Your dryer vent should be inspected annually by a certified dryer vent cleaning company. This is more important than ever, as dryer vents are becoming more complex, with longer hoses and more bends.
  • The dryer never should be vented in a way that the exhaust is left inside. Dryer vent exhaust is a hazard to your health because indoor exhausting can cause mildew and other problems.

Selecting a dryer vent hose
Your dryer must be vented in order for it to work correctly. If you’re not sure your dryer vent hose is safe, you need to Contact Us immediately to have it inspected.

When it comes to your hose, it should be made of metal in order to comply with the standards of Bloomington building codes. Here’s a breakdown of each type of dryer vent hose: Flexible Aluminum
This is among the most popular dryer vent hose on the market, but it’s among the most prone to collecting lint inside. Only one of three hoses approved by the Underwriters Laboratories.

  • Steel or Aluminum Rigid Piping
    Rigid piping is among the safest due to it being made from metal. Also approved by the Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Flexible Thin Foil
    Not recommended. These are very prone to collecting lint and catching on fire.
  • Flexbile Plastic or Vinyl
    The worst possible choice. Plastic and vinyl hoses are among the leading causes of how dryer fires start.

The advantages of working with Dryer Vent Wizard
When the Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities staff comes into your home, we’ll treat it as our own. We’ll take a look at your dryer vent to ensure it’s properly installed and won’t become a fire hazard. Our staff knows all about dryer vents and the dangers presented by a malfunctioning or dirty vent. We believe in not just installing or cleaning your vent, but in dryer fire prevention. You’re in safe hands with us, and there’s nothing we won’t do to keep you safe.

Contact us today at 1.651.792.5626 to get your dryer vent hose checked out!