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“I had my roof replaced in the spring. Once it got cold out, my dryer was running very inefficiently. The roofing company denied it being their problem so I needed someone with experience to investigate, as I also had condensation around the vent exit in my attic and want to avoid mold. Michael came out and confirmed the roofing company made a simple error in installing the vent and was able to repair it. He also re-taped my pipes and went the extra mile of replacing my flexible pipe behind my dryer with a rigid one. He was very professional and fast. He put great care into taping all of the seams. I was fascinated.

When I first Google-searched a dryer vent service and repair company, I had to wade through lots of companies that do cleanings and don’t really specialize in repair. These guys do clean, but you can tell by their work that they are the real deal for installations and repairs too. They take pride in their work and I couldn’t be happier. “


“The gentleman that came out to replace my dryer vent was very respectful and worked quick. There were some things I didn’t understand about the work completed (which I should’ve asked about ahead of time) but the owner, Carl, took time to call me and answer my questions. I believe that they not only value their customers but their employees as well. DryerVent Wizard is a great company and I would definitely recommend them and plan to use them in the future. Thank you!”

-Vanessa Olson

Fantastic service! We had Dryer Vent Wizard install a new dryer vent four years ago, the cost turned out to be less than what was bid, and we have had no problems since then. We did decide to have the dryer vent cleaned this year, and it turns out it is a good idea to have the dryer vent cleaned every two to three years.

– Kathy Longar

Carl and the team are incredible! They were able to completely reconstruct the dryer vent line connections that had become disconnected. The connections needed to be made at impossible angles in a finished, multi-tiered ceiling with very little room to work. I would highly recommend the service and value provided.

– Gary Hayes

Dryer vent wizard saved the day! Don’t waste time calling anyone else! Our tech Kyle was polite and knowledgeable. He was able to fix our issue in no time at all! They were able to accommodate same day service and it’s much appreciated! We will call only them for upkeep going forward.

– CS Finn