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Dryer Duct Cleaning Woodbury

Dryer Duct Cleaning WoodburyDryer Vent Wizard is a specialist in dryer duct cleaning in Woodbury and local towns. The next time that you discover a mass or build-up of lint and other debris in and around your dryer vents, call us up. We will send out a trained and experienced technician to carry out dryer duct cleaning, eliminating fire risks and sluggish performance from your dryer.

A clean dryer vent is a safe dryer vent. Being that thousands of house fires are caused by clogged dryer vents annually, it is worth your consideration to, at a minimum, have someone out to take a look at its current status. You will end up with the peace of mind in knowing all is clean and clear. An inspection that points out clogged vents leads to the dryer duct cleaning that will leave you with one less worry in the overall functionality of your home and household. Schedule an appointment for dryer duct cleaning today!

If you are experiencing any of the following annoyances, consider a dryer duct cleaning today:

  • Clothes exit the dryer with a musty smell attached to them.
  • If your dryer is running hotter than usual, or if you encounter a “burning” smell (immediately turn it off and unplug it), call for a professional repair or look into getting a new one.
  • Dryer takes longer to produce dry clothing.
  • A rise in energy bill costs (with nothing else that you can blame it on).
  • If it has been more than two years since your last professional dryer duct cleaning.

Should any of the above apply, call us as soon as possible so we can get you on our schedule. Dryer duct cleaning is not a terribly time-consuming process. In a matter of hours you could have a dryer that functions almost as well as the day you had it installed—not to mention one that is clean and safe.

Professional Dryer Duct Cleaning

Clothes dryers are found in roughly 80% (81.5 million homes) throughout the United States. One standard sized load of laundry as removed from washer and placed within the dryer carries about a gallon of water with it. The heat combined with the movement a dryer creates the rise of lint that ultimately ends up clogging your ducts. The accumulated debris over time will continue to bring down the functionality of the appliance, likely contribute to a rise in energy bills and increase the risk of fire.

For almost a decade, Dryer Vent Wizard has been the name in dryer duct cleaning, repair, alterations, installation and more. Our efforts have helped so many households like yours operate more efficiently. If you happen to run a laundromat and do not conduct (or wish to) dryer duct cleaning on your own, do not hesitate to call on the Dryer Vent Wizard to keep them maintained.

Woodbury Dryer Duct Cleaning

For more information on dryer duct cleaning in Woodbury, call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or contact us and Request Service.