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Dryer Cleaning Service Eden Prairie

dryer duct cleaningWhen one thinks of their Eden Prairie home’s dryer, perhaps the most commonly associated thought is, “I never seem to get the laundry caught up!” If this is you, then you are not alone. However, for the Dryer Vent Wizard team, our first thoughts are most likely along the lines of, “When was the last time you had your dryer serviced?” or perhaps, “Be sure to always clean out the lint tray!”

If these more technical questions or thoughts seem odd to you, then you should understand that every year there are thousands of home fires due to a faulty or improperly cared for dryer system. Even more disconcerting is that the large majority of these fires could have been avoided had the home owners taken some preventive actions. These preventative actions include emptying the lint tray before (or after) every load of laundry, being sure your dryer is not pushed so close to the wall that the dryer lines get bent and crimped, and by having your dryer duct work cleaned out at least once a year.

Benefits of Enlisting an Eden Prairie Dryer Cleaning Service

If you have never given a great deal of thought on how to make your dryer more efficient, then now is the time to do so. After all, you depend on your dryer and need it to work properly. Consider these reasons to talk to an Eden Prairie dryer cleaning service professional:

  1. Safety – This is perhaps the most important reason to have your dryer serviced on a regular basis. When dryers are not serviced, you risk the build-up of lint and debris in your duct work which can be the perfect fire starter.
  2. Save Money – Typically, homeowners will find their energy bill goes down after the dryer has been serviced. This is because the air can move more quickly which means it dries your laundry faster and uses less energy to do so.
  3. Safer Breathing – Having your dryer duct work cleaned out at least once a year, reduces the risk of carbon monoxide building up.
  4. Inspected – A dryer cleaning service will also take time to inspect the outside ductwork and make sure it is not crimped, damaged or disconnected anywhere. If any of these issues are discovered, they can be repaired right then, and you can go on with getting laundry done!

It should be noted that having your dryer serviced is always a good thing to do, but should you have a gas-powered dryer this is especially important as any damage to the lines or connection points can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fires.

Contact an Eden Prairie Dryer Cleaning Service

Don’t put off having your home’s dryer and duct work inspected. We will be happy to schedule a time we can check your home’s dryer and ensure it is in top working condition. For dryer cleaning service in Eden Prairie, give us a call at (651) 792-562 or contact us.