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Prevent Dryer Fires by Utilizing Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

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Dryer fires are a real threat to unsuspecting families all across the Twin Cities. Dryer vent cleaning may not be on top the top of your routine checklist, but it’s important you don’t neglect this responsibility. Annual dryer vent cleaning can help protect your biggest investment, your home. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, like St Paul, dryer vent cleaning services can be executed by Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities. A brief inspection and cleaning can offer added safety for your family.

Why Dryer Fires Occur

It is easy for dryer fires to start when lint has been building up an extended period of time. It is recommended you have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned each year. If your dryer is anywhere but the basement, you probably have a long dryer vent system, which means more twists and turns. Because of this, there are more places for lint to get trapped and restrict airflow. A dryer vent with built up lint does not function as efficiently as a clean vent. This means you may have to run multiple cycles, thus increasing your chances for a fire.

Signs You Need an Inspection

If you’re experiencing any of the following activity, it’s probably time to get your dryer vent inspected and cleaned.

  • Your clothing takes longer than usual to dry
  • Your clothing is hot, but not dry after a normal drying cycle
  • Your dryer is hot to the touch
  • You notice an unusually musty smell at the end of drying
  • Your system is not operating at the capacity it used to

All of these symptoms are dangerous warning signs. Have your dryer vent looked at today before it’s too late.

To schedule an inspection and cleaning, give us a call today at 651-792-5626 or request service online.

Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning Reduces Risk of Dryer Fires

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You may know dryer vent fires are a risk, but do you what you can do to prevent them? The team at Dryer Vent Wizard strives to thwart as many dryer vent fires as possible. If you live around Minneapolis or St Paul, dryer vent cleaning is a practical and easy way to reduce the risk of fire. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the basics about how to prevent a dryer vent fire at your home or business.

Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning: The most important step to preventing any dryer fire is to have your dryer vents cleaned annually. This will help to reduce the risk of fire. But, you have to do your part in between dryer vent cleanings. Clean out the lint trap with each use of your dryer. By taking that extra step, you will reduce your risk of harm.

Metal Ducts: Metal dry ducts help prevent dryer fires in a number of ways. First of all, metal is non-flammable, making it the perfect duct choice. Also, foil or plastic ducts have the ability to sag, thus allowing dust and lint to build up easily. Lastly, if a dryer fire should break out, a metal duct would do a better job of containing the fire.

Volatile Chemicals: If you have an article of clothing stained with any volatile chemical, take extra care in washing it. Volatile chemicals include gasoline and any type of oil. Running the soiled clothing through washer an extra time can help to remove the stain once and for all. This will reduce the risk of it igniting while in your dryer.

Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheets are a much better choice than liquid fabric softeners. In the case of a dryer fire, it may help to accelerate the flames. This is especially true when fleece or other all-cotton clothing is involved. If you are searching for a softening product, choose dryer sheets.

To have your dryer vents cleaned today, please give us a call at 651-792-5626 or Contact Us Online.

Burnsville MN Dryer Vent Cleaning

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You probably know it is important to clean your dryer vents, but do you know why? We, at Dryer Vent Wizard, are experts in dryer vent cleaning that Burnsville residents can count on. We want to provide you with some simple information about dryer vent cleaning. If you live in Burnsville, dryer vent cleaning is something that you should keep up with regularly, to avoid hazardous situations.

Why Is Vent Cleaning Important? A dryer vent that has not been cleaned can put your home at risk for a fire.  Accumulated lint in the venting system of your dryer can cause your dryer to over-heat. Built up lint is extremely flammable. You’ll want a trusted Burnsville dryer vent cleaning company to regularly clean your vents, to prevent the risk of a fire. Also, a clean dryer vent will allow your dryer to dry your clothing in a shorter amount of time. This will help save you money on your energy bills because you’ll have your dryer running for less time. It will also increase the useable life span of your dryer appliance.

When Should I Call to Clean my Vents?

You should always call a professional Burnsville dryer vent cleaning company to clean your vents for you. This will ensure it is done properly. They have trained technicians and professional-grade equipment to remove accumulated lint from your vents.

How Often Should I Clean my Vents?

There is no one single answer to this question. It depends on the type of dryer you own and how frequently it is used, how long the vent is. If you have a household dryer you utilize on a normal basis, you can probably have your dryer vents cleaned every two years or more often if the dry times are longer than 45 minutes. To be sure how often your vents should be cleaned, call us, your local Burnsville dryer vent cleaning company.

To have your vents cleaned by an expert Burnsville dryer vent cleaning company, call today at 651-792-5626 or Contact Us Online.

Welcome to Dryer Vent Wizard of MN’s Blog!

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As a locally owned and operated business in the Twin Cities metro, we at Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities on have always prided ourselves on our work, and illustrating why we’re one of the area’s top companies for dryer vent cleaning and servicing.

Because of the pride we take in our work, we’re happy to today launch our blog. It will be frequently updated with information on dryer vent cleaning and servicing. We will also use this blog to showcase projects – past and present – the Dryer Vent Wizard staff has worked so very hard on.

Not familiar with Dryer Vent Wizard? Please visit our home page to learn more about our company and services, or if you’re looking around at different Minnesota dryer vent service companies. We look forward to working with you!