Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Should Be On Everyone’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Minneapolis

Spring is finally here and now is the time of year that everyone is washing their windows, sweeping the house and pulling weeds from the garden. It’s also a great time to take care of essential dryer vent cleaning. As the trusted dryer vent cleaning company for Minneapolis, Dryer Vent Wizard is here to explain why every homeowner should include this important task on their spring cleaning checklist.

While working outside the house, you may notice that your dryer vent cap is damaged or covered with lint and other debris. Dryer vent cleaning and repair is necessary if the winter weather or small animals have caused damage over the past few months. Think about what happens to all the dust and lint that is getting pushed through the vent and duct. Some of it will make its way outside, but not all of it will be this lucky. Some will stick to the dryer vent’s walls and more of it will grab on to the first piece and begin to make a large clog. Our dryer vent cleaning company is here to help! An annual professional dryer vent cleaning by our dryer vent cleaning company is hands down the best way to keep your dryer running safely and efficiently.

It is important to keep in mind that it is in no way normal for even older dryers to take more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry. This is a sure sign of an air-flow problem, likely caused by lint build-up in the dryer duct. This lint build-up can start a house fire and even act as a fire accelerant, spreading the flames out of control throughout the home.

If you haven’t had your dryer vents cleaned in quite some time or if you simply notice a build up of lint during your spring cleaning; now is a great time to schedule essential dryer vent cleaning with your local dryer vent cleaning company.

Dryer vent cleaning will help keep your dryer ducts clean, increase your dryer’s air-flow, save energy and improve your dryer’s performance. Most importantly, it will help keep you and your family safe from dryer fires.

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