Tips to Enhance Your Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer Vent Wizard, a professional dryer duct cleaning company in the Woodbury area, often encounters the same issues with dryers, their ducts and hoses, again and again. The issues are most often found within the dryer ducts themselves and/or the hoses. The following is a batch of common repairs and issues that we have run into and ultimately fixed for our customers.

  • The materials that make up your dryer ducts need to be made of a rigid material, not the all too common plastic, foil or PVC piping. If you find that your dryer vent is made up of anything but metal, the risk of experiencing a dryer fire is increased exponentially. PVC and plastic can create static electricity, which ultimately causes the dryer lint to adhere to the interior of your dryer vent’s walls. The lint then mixes with the water that expelled from the dryer during the drying cycle. A sludgy mixture is then created that can also increase the risk of a fire starting. Specifically related to PVC, this material “sweats”, creating areas for lint to pool, collect and harden.
  • If you are an aficionado of duct tape, do not use that love on venting materials and and/or bolts or screws as a means of securing joints on dryer vents and hoses. The adhesive on duct tape dries out and creates gaps in the joints. Lint often collects on these bolts and screws, also increasing the risk of fire.
  • Make sure that your dryer vents end up sending the air outside. They should never terminate anywhere other than that, like in an attic or crawl space. If dryer vents terminate anywhere but outside, mold and mildew growth are a likely outcome. Health hazards can emerge as a result of these truths. Our dryer duct cleaning company can help set a new course for your dryer vents should they not meet their proper end outside of the home.
  • If you are worried about pests like insects, animals of the rodentia spectrum entering your dryer vent, give our dryer duct cleaning company a call. We will come out as soon as we can to take the necessary steps to ensure that your dryer vents are protected from these unwelcome guests.

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