Proper Ventilation Yields Safe Drying of Clothes

Perhaps you just bought a new dryer? Don’t you want to be absolutely sure that your dryer vents are properly installed and therefore allow for the proper ventilation of air out of your dryer? As a dryer vent cleaning service serving Woodbury and the surrounding areas, we have seen our share of dryer vents that were not installed correctly. So what are some things you should look out for? Here are a few tips.

  • Dryer hoses should be of at least four inches in diameter.
  • Aluminum is the ideal material for the transition hose between your dryer and the wall outlet. Do not use vinyl or plastic for these purposes, if avoidable.
  • Concealed ducting should be made out of a tough metallic material. The ideal maximum length of your ducting is typically enforced by your municipality’s local building codes.
  • Use metallic taping to secure joints. Do not use duct tape and especially not masking tape. The adhesive nature of duct and masking tapes will deteriorate, creating holes as time passes.
  • Do not have your dryer vents set up to vent via your chimney or other exhaust vents. Your dryer ventilation network should be its own independent system.
  • Do not allow any kinking to occur in any existing hoses. Make sure that you regularly check them to make sure that they have not been accidentally crushed, damaged or dented.
  • Once your dryer is fully installed and given its go ahead for use, inspect your dryer vents and hoses on something of a regular schedule. Regular checks can prevent birds from nesting in the outside portion of the dryer vent. This is a good way to make sure that lint does not build up within the hose. Should you not wish to conduct these checks on the regular, call on Dryer Vent Wizard. We will head on over and conduct a thorough dryer vent cleaning to hoses and vents, making any necessary repairs or replacements along the way (with your go ahead, of course). Regular dryer vent cleanings will help ensure that your dryer runs more efficiently, likely helping to increase the life span of your dryer. You could also reap the benefits of dryer vent cleaning in the form of lower electric bills.

Do you need a professional and reliable dryer vent cleaning service in Woodbury? Call us at Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or you can contact us to Request Service.