Facts About Dryers

We here at Dryer Vent Wizard have learned plenty of interesting facts over the years about dryers and dryer vent cleaning in Plymouth. We thought we would take the time to share a few of our favorite facts about dryers and dryer vents.

  • Dryers basically work by rotating wet clothes and then injecting the drum with hot air until the clothes are dry.
  • Dryers powered by electricity are more popular than dryers powered by gas here in the United States.
  • Dryers first appeared on the market in the 1800s. But rather than being powered by electricity, there was a crank that users had to turn to make the dryer heat up and dry clothing.
  • Cleaning the lint trap allows air to circulate, which results in clothing that dries faster and it helps decrease the chances of an accidental dryer fire. (Dryer vent cleaning also reduces the risk of a fire.)
  • It’s best to run your dryer when you have a full load of clothes to dry. Dryers use the same amount of energy no matter how many clothes are in there, so drying a full load is more cost effective.
  • Try to avoid over-drying your clothes. They can become stiff and more wrinkled that way.
  • Dryer vent cleaning is important, as is cleaning behind the dryer and behind the lint screen.
  • Make sure the dryer’s exhaust duct is connected properly to the outside terminal. When we come for dryer vent cleaning, we can check this to make sure every part of your dryer is functioning as it should.
  • The outside dryer exhaust terminal should close properly and should not be blocked with lint either.

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