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Dryer Vent Installation Twin Cities

Dryer Vent Wizard specializes in dryer vent installation in the Twin Cities. We know firsthand the importance of properly installed dryer vents. Dryer vents that are improperly installed can lead to a host of problems, including creating a fire hazard, encouraging mold growth and decreasing how efficient your dryer is at drying your clothing.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of dryer vent installation. Whether you need a new dryer vent system installed or you want to replace an old or hazardous system, we provide the high quality, professional dryer vent installation services you need. 

Consultation after successful dryer vent installation

Code-Compliant Dryer Vents

We will install your system using code-compliant materials and configurations. We ensure the vent materials we use are in compliance with the recommendations and requirements set forth by one or more of the following:

  • Current International Residential Code (IRC)
  • Underwriters Laboratory
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC)

Don’t risk having a faulty setup from the beginning that can lead to serious issues down the road. We can send one of our professional and friendly technicians to your home or business to install your dryer vents the right way. In turn, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vents are properly installed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dryer Vent Installation