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Your clothes dryer, like all other appliances, is a great comfort to own. Nevertheless, it needs cleaned regularly to ensure the best possible efficiency and safety. Without dryer vent cleaning in Bloomington MN, the dryer inside your residence can be a threat.

One of the most crucial components of any correctly functional dryer vent is a quality, appropriate dryer vent hose.

The Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities workforce will be able to help you by installing a safe dryer vent hose that will also help your dryer to operate at its best.

Bloomington MN dryer vent hose hints & guidelines
Should the dryer vent hose inside your Bloomington MN residence require replacement or repairs, remember the following information and guidelines:

  • Your dryer ducts need to be at least 4 inches in diameter. The ducts should be clean, frictionless and without any obstructions, to ensure the best possible air movement and speedier drying times.
  • The joints should never be attached with duct tape, but metal tape.
  • Your dryer vent ought to be on its own. It should be separate of other venting types, like chimneys or exhaust vents.
  • When inspecting your dryer vent hose and the opening, look for clogs, such as nests from birds and rodents. You should be able to feel from a foot back the dryer exhaust.
  • Your dryer vent hose should never be kinked or crushed, and there ought to be space to provide room for the hose to make its bends.
  • If you want a hidden duct system, then it should be made from inflexible metal, like galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • Your dryer vent needs to be inspected yearly by a accredited dryer vent cleaning company. This really is far more crucial than ever, as dryer vents are getting to be far more elaborate, with longer hoses and more bends.
  • The dryer for no reason should be vented in a way that the exhaust is left inside. Dryer vent exhaust is a hazard to your health and wellbeing because indoor exhausting causes mildew and other complications.

Selecting a dryer vent hose in Bloomington MN
Your dryer must be vented for it to work accurately. If you’re not sure your dryer vent hose is safe, you need to Contact Us right away to have it inspected.

When it comes to your hose, it needs to be made from metal so as to adhere to the standards of Bloomington MN building codes. Here’s an explanation of each sort of dryer vent hose: Flexible Aluminum
This is among the most widely used dryer vent hoses that you can buy, but it’s among the most susceptible to collecting lint inside. Only one of three hoses approved by the Underwriters Laboratories.

  • Steel or Aluminum Rigid Piping
    Rigid piping is among the trusted due to it being created from metal. Also approved by the Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Flexible Thin Foil
    Not advised. These are generally extremely at risk of accumulating lint and catching on fire.
  • Flexible Plastic or Vinyl
    The worst type of possible choice. Plastic and vinyl hoses are among the top reasons behind how dryer fires get started.

The earmarks of dealing with Dryer Vent Wizard
When the Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater Twin Cities team comes into your property, we’ll treat it as our own. We’ll take a look at your dryer vent to confirm it’s effectively installed and won’t turn out to be a fire hazard. Our personnel is well-versed in all expertise related to dryer vents and the risks presented by a malfunctioning or filthy vent. We rely on not just installing or cleaning your vent, but in dryer fire prevention. You’re in safe and sound hands with us, and there’s nothing at all we won’t do to keep you secure.

Contact us today at 1.651.792.5626 to get your dryer vent hose checked out!
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