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As a dryer vent cleaning company serving St Paul and the surrounding areas, we have seen our share of dirty and unsafe dryer vents. Did you know that clogged dryer vents don’t just increase the risk of a dryer fire, but they can also drive up the cost of your electric bill? Every year, there are thousands of fires in the United States that are a result of unclean dryer vents.

There are plenty of reasons you should call a dryer vent cleaning company to come clean your dryer vents:

  • Clean dryer vents can help your dryer last longer.
  • Clean dryer vents can get rid of that musty odor that your clothes have sometimes after they come out of the dryer.
  • Clean dryer vents drastically reduce the risk of a dryer fire.
  • Clean dryer vents can help lower the cost of your electric bills.
  • Clean dryer vents can decrease the amount of time it takes for your clothes to dry.

Calling a trusted dryer vent cleaning company like Dryer Vent Wizard can give you the peace of mind you deserve. You want to know that your family and home are safe from the threat of a dryer fire. Plus, you get the added bonus that your dryer could have a longer life span and that you could save money on your electric bills in the long term.

Trusted Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Dryer Vent Wizard is a reputable and reliable dryer vent cleaning company in the St Paul area. We have helped many of your friends and neighbors with their dryer vent problems. We can do everything from clean to install to repair them, so we are your one-stop shop when it comes to all things dryer vent-related.

Give us a call to schedule us to come to your home. We will carefully and thoroughly clean your dryer vents. We’ve been a dryer vent cleaning company for nearly 10 years, and we are well-versed in the safest and most effective ways to clean and repair your dryer vents.

A clean dryer vent is a safe dryer vent. Call our dryer vent cleaning company to make sure your dryer vents are clean and safe.

Hire Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Do you need a reliable dryer vent cleaning company in St Paul or the surrounding areas? Call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or you can contact us to Request Service.

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