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Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Every homeowner looks for ways to save on their home energy bills. After all, those bills add up significantly and can really impact your budget. Did you know your clothing dryer could be racking up your energy bill needlessly? In fact, if the exhaust vents are clogged, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year. Not to mention, it increases your households carbon footprint and impairs your home’s overall energy efficiency.dryer cleaning service

Did you know that when your dryer vents are clogged, your dryer has to work overtime to dry each load of laundry? We recommend you get your dryer vents professionally cleaned every one to three years by a professional Eden Prairie dryer cleaning service like ours. Clean dryer vents help to decrease the risk of a dryer fire, and there are plenty of other benefits. The best time of year to have this work done is just before winter, but, if you have not had this done yet, there is no better time than right now. Contact our dryer cleaning service to keep your dryer operating efficiently and cut your risk of a dryer-related fire and ensure a more energy efficient home.

An annual professional dryer vent cleaning by our dryer cleaning service is hands down the best way to keep your dryer running safely and efficiently! In the meantime, there are some things you can be doing to slow the buildup of lint and improve your dryer’s efficiency, including:

  • Allowing the dryer to rest in between loads
  • Cleaning the lint trap between each load
  • Checking to make sure that plants or debris aren’t blocking the dryer vent exhaust outside your home
  • Do not allow any kinking to occur in any existing hoses. Make sure that you regularly check them to make sure that they have not been accidentally crushed, damaged or dented

And these are just a few of the ways to ensure a more efficient dryer! Contact our dryer cleaning service to learn more. Call the Dryer Vent Wizard today to utilize our dryer cleaning service, especially if it has been a few years since you last had this work carried out. There are likely multiple conglomerations of lint that need to be addressed within that dryer of yours.

If you would like more information on our dryer cleaning service near Eden Prairie, call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626, or you can contact us to Request an Appointment.

Fall & Winter Dryer Vent Safety Tips

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As the most renowned dryer vent cleaning company in Cottage Grove, we here at Dryer Vent Wizard like to put out as much helpful information for people as possible. And, with fall being just a few days away and winter approaching; we thought we would give you a few tips to keep your dryer running safely in the cooler months. Did you know that the threat of dryer fires actually increases in the winter? Most people do not realize that the threat of a dryer fire increases as the temperature outside decreases. However, bulkier clothing and bedding can produce more lint, clogging up the vents and trap. We have come across dryer vents that are so blocked by lint and debris that we worry for the household’s safety. If left long enough without cleaning, a dryer vent can become a fire hazard.

Dryer Vent Wizard | Dryer Vent Problems

Since clogged dryers are a huge fire hazard, we would like to help make our community more aware of the dangers of dryer fires and some steps to take to prevent them.

  • Only use your dryer for about 30 to 40 minutes per load. Air can circulate through the dryer better and there will be less lint- build-up overall. If your clothes need more than 40 minutes to dry, you need to call a dryer vent cleaning company like Dryer Vent Wizard because this could be a sign that your dryer vents should be cleaned as soon as possible.
  • When you are using your dryer, stay home. Do not allow it to run when there is no one home. And, always clean in and around the lint trap following each load.
  • Keep the area around your dryer clear of any items that could ignite. If your dryer is in need of a good cleaning, then it might run hotter than usual, and this could potentially cause items near your dryer to ignite.
  • Hang heavier clothes to dry, especially items like heavy bedding and pillows. These large items can contribute vastly to the build-up of lint and other debris, and you will have to call a dryer vent repair company sooner than later for their cleaning services.
  • Keep the ventilation opening on the exterior of your home capped to keep out critters and vermin. It should also be capped as a means to allow hot air and bits of lint and debris to blow out.
  • Call a dryer vent cleaning company at least once a year to come out and professionally clean your dryer vents.

Follow these tips and call our dryer vent cleaning company if it has been a few years since your last professional dryer vent cleaning or if you suspect there might be a build-up of lint. Some of the telltale signs are a musty smell on your clothes, clothes taking longer to dry or an unexplainable increase in your electric bill.

For more information about our dryer vent cleaning company serving Cottage Grove, call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or you can contact us to Request an Appointment.

Preventing Fire with Proper Dryer Vent Installation

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A dryer’s job is to make your daily routine easier. As you depend on it for convenience in your home or business, you also must depend on it for safety and efficiency. You should be able to simply throw your clothes in the dryer and let it do its thing. With this great convenience also comes the potential for danger. If not properly installed and maintained, a dryer is a fire hazard waiting to happen. If you feel your dryer could use a once over or if you could use a new dryer vent installation, call us up at Dryer Vent Wizard! We can assist with an array of dryer issues as well as proper dryer vent installation for your Woodbury home.dryer vent installation

We have just seen about every single sort of potential dryer danger. Often it comes down to something as simple as whether or not it was installed correctly. We’ve put together some tips and warning signs to help you make sure your dryer vent installation was professionally done and that they are functioning as they should.

  1. First, check out the entire dryer set-up. Do not allow for even the potential of fire breaking out in your home. Take the proper steps to ensure that your dryer is installed properly. Look for the following concerns or issues.
  2. What are the materials involved in your dryer hoses and dryer vent installation? Should they be foil or plastic, think about having them replaced. If they are made of foil, you will want to replace these with a stronger type of metal. Your plastic variants can easily be dented or get kinked, thus minimizing the flow of air outside of your house, increasing the heat within virtually all areas of the dryer. Avoid PVC piping at all costs as well. Contact our dryer vent installation company and we can inspect your dryer’s vents and hoses to ensure they are made out of the proper material.
  3. No duct tape! The presence of duct tape indicates that your dryer vent installation was not performed properly. The adhesive applied to duct tape dries out very easily and will likely contribute to the emergence of gaps within the joints of the vents.
  4. Are there bolts or screws securing joints within your dryer vent hose? This is not safe. Call our dryer vent installation company for help with this one. Bolts and screws are hotbeds of lint collection and thus can boost the chances of a dryer fire.
  5. Any screens or cages in the mix? Covering the outside exit of your dryer vents contributes to lint build-up. However, you can purchase special covers for them that can be properly installed during the dryer vent installation process.

Are you interested in getting more information about dryer vent installation in Woodbury? Call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or contact us to Request an Appointment.

Fun, Useful & Lifesaving Facts about Dryers

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You may use your dryer several times a week, but what do you really know about it? Here at Dryer Vent Wizard, we’ve been working closely with dryers for years and have learned a few interesting facts about them. As a professional dryer cleaning service in Chanhassen, we thought we would take some time to share some of our favorite facts about dryers and dryer vents. You might just learn something that can help you avoid a dryer safety hazard! And, when you’re ready, contact your local dryer cleaning service, Dryer Vent Wizard, to have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned! dryer cleaning service

  • This may surprise you! Dryers first appeared on the market in the 1800s. But rather than being powered by electricity, there was a crank that had to be turned in order to make the dryer heat up and dry the clothing.
  • In the United States, dryers powered by electricity are more popular than dryers powered by gas.
  • In addition to cleaning behind the dryer and behind the lint screen, thorough dryer vent cleaning by a professional dryer cleaning service is essential to the health and safety or your dryer.
  • Clogged dryer vents could increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Mice and other critters could nest in your dryer vents. They can cause a fire and put your family and home in danger. The best way to keep your critter problem to a minimum is by hiring a dryer cleaning service and making sure your dryer vents are as clean as possible.
  • Dryers should always be vented directly outdoors and not into a chimney or another vent.
  • It’s best to run your dryer when you have a full load of clothes. Dryers use the same amount of energy no matter how full they are.
  • Cleaning the lint trap allows air to circulate, which results in clothing that dries faster and it helps decrease the chances of an accidental dryer fire.
  • Flexible metal connectors should be used between the dryer and the duct to help avoid leaks and critter infestation.
  • Avoid over-drying your clothes. They can become stiff and more wrinkled that way.
  • Dryers work by rotating wet clothes and then injecting hot air until the drum until the clothes are dry.
  • Your dryer duct should be at least four inches in diameter and the same size as the dryer outlet.

Do you need more information about dryers from our dryer cleaning service in Chanhassen? Call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626, or you can contact us and Request Service.

Helpful Tips for a Better Drying Experience

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Dryer Vent Wizard is one of the most trusted names in dryer duct cleaning for Hastings and the surrounding areas. And, we have encountered a multitude of dryer issues from their ducts and hoses to their vents and more. These issues are most often found within the dryer ducts themselves and can create a multitude of problems for your dryer and for you. As experts in dryer duct cleaning, dryer vent repairs and dryer vent installations, we would like to offer some helpful tips to help make your drying experience a more positive one. These tips may not only help improve the health of your dryer, but its running efficiency as well.

dryer duct cleaning
  • Call a dryer duct cleaning company at least once a year to come out and professionally clean your dryer vents and ducts.
  • Make sure that your dryer vents are sending the spent air outside. Your dryer vents should never terminate anywhere like in an attic or crawl space. If dryer vents terminate anywhere but outside, mold and mildew growth are likely to occur. Our dryer duct cleaning company can help set a new course for your dryer vents if needed.
  • Only use your dryer for about thirty to forty minutes per load. Air circulates through the machine better and there will be less lint build-up overall. And, if your clothes take much longer to dry, it’s time to call Dryer Vent Wizard as this may be a sign you require a dryer duct cleaning.
  • Don’t try to DIY. Duct tape and similar tactics can create gaps in your air duct’s joints and above all, create a fire hazard.
  • If you are worried about pests like insects or rodents entering your dryer vent, give our dryer duct cleaning company a call and we can assess the problem for you.
  • Limit how many dryer sheets you use in the dryer or how much liquid fabric softener you use in the washing machine. Dryer sheets add residue to your lint filter, and that can cause the filter to clog faster than it otherwise would. If this happens however, call our dryer duct cleaning experts as soon as possible.
  • Following each load, thoroughly clean in and around the lint trap. Use a hand-held or small vacuum to suck up bits of lint and debris that build up in and around the lint trap.

Still have questions about your dryers or about dryer duct cleaning for your Hastings area home? Call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or you can contact us and Request Service.