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How Do Dryer Fires Start?

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We all hear a lot about dryer fires these days, and maybe some of us even know a family that was affected by a dryer fire. But when it comes down to it, do you really know or understand what causes and dryer fire and why dryer vent cleaning in Minnesota is so important?

All it takes to spark a dryer vent fire is a piece of lint and a hot machine. If a piece of lint hits the machine’s heater, that can cause a spark. Granted, one spark will not cause a big fire, but if one piece of lint sparks another piece, that can have a domino effect. When those sparks ignite something that is close to your dryer, like a pile of laundry or a piece of the carpet, that can have catastrophic results. And even if you are thinking to yourself “There is nothing near my dryer that could catch on fire!” you should think again. If you have a plastic dryer hose, that can also catch on fire and cause a much bigger problem.

We always preach that the best way to prevent a dryer fire is with regular dryer vent cleaning. But there are a few other precautions you can take, such as not allowing your dryer to run when no one is home, making sure your dryer is in good working order overall and making sure your dryer hoses are made out of aluminum and not plastic.

So keep your family, yourself and your home safe. Make sure you schedule regular dryer vent cleaning. Make sure your dryer is working properly and that everyone in your family knows not to leave the dryer running unattended.

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Common Dryer Vent Problems

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When it comes to dryer vents, we here at Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer vent cleaning service serving Hastings  and the surrounding areas, know a thing or two. There are a few tasks you can do to ensure dryer vent safety. One of the main items is to call a dryer vent cleaning service like ours for regular cleaning of your dryer vents. This will help prevent dryer fires and will also help you save money on your utility bills. Clean dryer vents mean your dryer will dry clothes more efficiently and thoroughly.

Here are some things you should be looking out for with your dryer vents:

  • Dryer vents should be securely connected to the dryer.
  • Dryer vents should not be restricted in any way. This means that they should not be kinked or crushed where they leave the dryer and connect to the wall or floor.
  • Dryer vents should be thoroughly cleaned by a trustworthy dryer vent cleaning service like ours. Not only do the dryer vents carry moisture out of the dryer and away from your home, but they also carry lint out too. These particles are incredibly flammable. If an overheated dryer triggers a spark because of a mechanical failure, this can ignite the lint and start a fire. And because dryers are generally tucked away in a basement or other less-used area, these fires can spread quickly without anyone noticing at first.
  • There should not be any moisture in the dryer vent. If you notice water pooling in there, you need to call a reputable dryer vent cleaning service and get someone to come out and clean the vent.

So when you need a reliable dryer vent cleaning service in Hastings, call us here at Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626 or contact us and Request Service.

What is a Dryer Vent?

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This is a basic question but it’s also an important one! We here at Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer vent repair company serving Apple Valley, are going to define what dryer vents are and why they are so important. Properly maintaining them and getting us to come out to your home any time you need dryer vent repair are also important.

When you turn on your dryer, air is pulled in and heated by the heating elements. The heated air then travels through the clothes in the dryer. After that, a fan pulls the air out. The air then goes into the dryer vent and from there it’s pushed outdoors. So that is why dryer vents are so important: if it wasn’t for them, that hot air and moisture would remain in your home and would cause rot and mold, plus your air-conditioning bills would skyrocket. One way to ensure your air-conditioning bills remain steady is proper dryer vent repair.

If your dryer vents get clogged or if they break and you don’t get dryer vent repair done as soon as possible, that hot air and moisture will build up and cause the aforementioned rot and mold. You always want to make sure the air and moisture are properly venting so you don’t end up with an even bigger problem on your hands. Because if those two things build up, dryer vent repair will be the least of your worries!

Your dryer vent is attached to what’s called the “vent hood,” which is located on the back of your dryer. The tubing from that part of your dryer will go from there to the floor or wall, where it eventually leads to the outside. Nowadays, that tubing is usually made from aluminum, but in the old days, it was made out of vinyl or plastic. Once the tubing reaches the outside, there is usually a cover over it to ensure the air and moisture are blown away from the house and not back into it, plus it keeps critters from building nests inside of it too. If any part of your dryer vents is broken, you will need to call us for dryer vent repair.

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Fact Vs. Fiction: Dryer Vent Cleaning

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When it comes to dryer vent cleaning, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there! Thankfully, we here at Dryer Vent Wizard know a thing or two about dryer vent cleaning, so we wanted to discuss what’s true and what’s not when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. Northfield residents will hopefully learn a thing or two and will be able to separate fact from fiction.

One of the biggest myths is that fabric softener sheets will cause a dryer fire by burning out a dryer’s heating unit. Not getting dryer vent cleaning services done on a regular basis is far more likely to cause a fire. Dryer vent cleaning is worth the time and money simply because it will reduce fire hazards.

There are some people out there who scoff at the idea that dryer fires are an actual threat. But this is a fact! If you don’t take care of dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis, there is a higher likelihood that a fire can start. According to one source , more than 15,000 homes catch on fire each year because people don’t think to have this chore taken care of on an annual basis.

Another fact? 80% of dryer fires occur in residential buildings. (Source: Dryer Facts) So if you’re a homeowner, it is especially important that you get this chore taken care of regularly. Taking the time to call in the professionals like Dryer Vent Wizard could save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run, not to mention your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Speaking of saving money, dryer vent cleaning can help you save some money on your monthly utility bills. Consumers can save, on average, about $18 to $24 a month!

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Dryer Vent Wizards Work Their Magic in the Twin Cities

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Do you know what goes into becoming a wizard? We do! The Twin Cities’ Dryer Vent Wizard team goes through much training to dedicate their lives to the cause of dryer vent cleaning and fire prevention. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the things that makes these wizards so special.

Training a Dryer Vent Wizard

To become a Dryer Vent Wizard, one must be trained appropriately. Some of the wizards are educated in a school, while other take different approaches. Whichever path they follow to seek out their education,  they will learn basic skills necessary to becoming a Dryer Vent Wizard. All good wizards have a few tricks up their sleeves. When you invite one of these wizards into your Twin Cities home, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Performing Magic as a Dryer Vent Wizard

Every Dryer Vent Wizard knows a little magic. The biggest, most difficult opponents don’t scare these wizards. With a bag full of tricks, our team of wizards can suck out lint like nobody’s business. Repairing dryer vents is a breeze for our Twin Cities team. We work hard to prevent dryer fires, one home at a time. Sometimes that may require a touch of magic on our end, but we’ll get your dryer vents clean and clear.

Travels of a Dryer Vent Wizard

Our team of Twin Cities Dryer Vent Wizards has traveled far and wide. There’s no corner of the Twin Cities we haven’t seen. We have met many interesting people along the way, and maybe you’ll be next. With a band of wizards looking out for the area, you have little to fear. No matter where you’re located around the Twin Cities, we’ll come to you.

Are your dryer vents in need of a wizard’s help? Contact our team today by calling 651-792-5626 or Contact us Online.