Improve Indoor Air Quality this Summer with Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

With summer brings high temperatures, high humidity and hot afternoons spent indoors. These factors all contribute to the need to ensure proper indoor air quality. So as the weather turns warmer, it is as essential as ever to minimize the amount of pollutants you have in your home’s air. This is an important step in staying healthy and maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Cleaning the dryer ducts and dryer vents in which your home’s air travels cuts down on the pollutants recycled in your home and can also prevent dangerous dryer fires. As the trusted dryer vent cleaning service for Minneapolis, we would like to tell you more about how dryer vent cleaning can help improve your indoor air quality this summer. 

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For one, dryer vent cleaning can improve the air quality within your home by helping air exit from your home as it should. If it has been some time since your last cleaning, lint and debris is likely built up within the dryer vent, preventing air from escaping during a drying cycle. This not only creates a fire hazard but it also forces the air that should be exiting your home to become a part of your breathing environment. 

Clogged vents can even lead to a backfill of carbon monoxide in your home that can be fatal after prolonged exposure. By scheduling dryer vent cleaning service on a regular basis you can help keep your dryer working efficiently and running like it should. Because ventilation systems tend to run through a lengthy portion of the home, that monoxide leak could place several areas of your home at risk. Dryer duct cleaning is a sure fire way to protect against this incredibly harmful form of indoor air pollution.

One thing you can do in the meantime before your professional dryer vent cleaning service is be sure to clean the lint trap to keep more lint from becoming lodged in the duct. This can help in the short term but it is essential you schedule your dryer vent cleaning service as soon as possible. 

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