Buying a Home? What Home Inspectors Look For in a Dryer Vent

When a home inspector looks at a home, there are a variety of areas he or she will cover. One of these areas is the dryer vent and dryer vent safety. If a dryer vent could possibly cause a potential fire hazard, they will note this in their report. Are you looking to buy or sell a home? When was the last time the dryer vents were cleaned? As a dryer vent cleaning company for Woodbury and the surrounding areas, we’d like to take a moment to discuss dryer vent safety and what an inspector will cover.

Your clothes dryer is there to evaporate the water from wet clothing by blowing hot air past them while they tumble inside a spinning drum. The exhaust from gas dryers (carbon monoxide) is carried out through the venting system so it is essential it is completely clear.

Heat is provided by an electrical heating element or gas burner. During the drying process, water vapor will leave the dryer and home through an exDryer Vent cleaning companyhaust duct. A gallon or more of water in the form of vapor must be expelled during the drying process of a load of clothes. This duct is an important area for the inspector to cover as it can often present fire hazards to the home. The dryer vent has a number of requirements, including:

  • It should not be restricted. Dryer vents are often made from plastic or metal duct, which may be easily kinked or crushed where they exit the dryer and enter the wall. A dryer vent cleaning company like ours can take a look to ensure nothing is restricted and air is flowing freely.
  • It should be connected. Look carefully behind the dryer to make sure it’s actually connected.
  • It should not be restricted by lint buildup. Along with water vapor, the exhaust pipe carries lint; highly flammable particles of clothing. This lint will accumulate in the dryer duct, reducing the dryer’s ability to expel heated water vapor, which then accumulates as heat energy. And, as the dryer overheats, glowing lint pieces from the heat source can cause lint trapped in the dryer vent to burst into flames. A thorough dryer vent cleaning from your trusted dryer vent cleaning company can help eliminate this lint buildup.

Whatever the issue, it is important to have it addressed by a dryer vent cleaning company as soon as possible. Even if your inspector doesn’t take a good look; you should always have your dryer vents cleaned after buying a new home. You never know how often, or if at all, the old owners had their dryer vents cleaned.

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