Preventing Fire with Proper Dryer Vent Installation

A dryer’s job is to make your daily routine easier. As you depend on it for convenience in your home or business, you also must depend on it for safety and efficiency. You should be able to simply throw your clothes in the dryer and let it do its thing. With this great convenience also comes the potential for danger. If not properly installed and maintained, a dryer is a fire hazard waiting to happen. If you feel your dryer could use a once over or if you could use a new dryer vent installation, call us up at Dryer Vent Wizard! We can assist with an array of dryer issues as well as proper dryer vent installation for your Woodbury home.

dryer vent installation

We have just seen about every single sort of potential dryer danger. Often it comes down to something as simple as whether or not it was installed correctly. We’ve put together some tips and warning signs to help you make sure your dryer vent installation was professionally done and that they are functioning as they should.

  1. First, check out the entire dryer set-up. Do not allow for even the potential of fire breaking out in your home. Take the proper steps to ensure that your dryer is installed properly. Look for the following concerns or issues.
  2. What are the materials involved in your dryer hoses and dryer vent installation? Should they be foil or plastic, think about having them replaced. If they are made of foil, you will want to replace these with a stronger type of metal. Your plastic variants can easily be dented or get kinked, thus minimizing the flow of air outside of your house, increasing the heat within virtually all areas of the dryer. Avoid PVC piping at all costs as well. Contact our dryer vent installation company and we can inspect your dryer’s vents and hoses to ensure they are made out of the proper material.
  3. No duct tape! The presence of duct tape indicates that your dryer vent installation was not performed properly. The adhesive applied to duct tape dries out very easily and will likely contribute to the emergence of gaps within the joints of the vents.
  4. Are there bolts or screws securing joints within your dryer vent hose? This is not safe. Call our dryer vent installation company for help with this one. Bolts and screws are hotbeds of lint collection and thus can boost the chances of a dryer fire.
  5. Any screens or cages in the mix? Covering the outside exit of your dryer vents contributes to lint build-up. However, you can purchase special covers for them that can be properly installed during the dryer vent installation process.

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