Local Dryer Cleaning Service Eliminates Threats of Fire From Your Home

The threat of a dryer fire is incredibly real within your home. Your dryer vents frequently become clogged with lint and debris. It is the contaminants that clog the flow of air away from your dryer and out of your home that create the danger. While dryer vent cleaning is not likely to appear on any to-do list that you are currently in possession of, it is the idea of your dryer as afterthought that also contributes to the dangers that may be lurking within. When your mind does go to your dryer and you see that lint is visible upon your very first glance, call on Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer cleaning service to Cottage Grove and nearby homes.

Annual dryer vent cleaning is a great way to help save and perhaps add to the life of your dryer. Taking steps like these will help protect the biggest of your investments—the house. A brief inspection and cleaning as administered by a dryer cleaning service professional will enhance existing safety measure you already have in place for your family.

Dryer fires erupt as a result of extended build-up of debris, over time. Accumulated lint in the venting system of leads to over-heating. In addition to the heat, the accumulated debris is obscenely flammable.  Calling on a dryer cleaning service will not only help eradicate fire possibilities but will also enhance the ability of your dryer to do what it is supposed to do, dry your clothes. Your clothes will be dried in a shorter amount of time. A dryer that runs and dries on a shorter cycle will also contribute to the lowering of your energy bills.

If your dryer is within the home (and not the lower level) it is likely that you possess a longer type of dryer venting system. This adds up to more twists and turns, or, more places for lint to get trapped, restricting airflow. A dryer vent with built up lint does not function as efficiently as a clean vent. This means you may have to run multiple cycles, increasing chances for a fire.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms from your dryer, it is more than time to call in a dryer cleaning service to  inspect and clean your dryer vents:

  • Clothing takes longer than the norm to dry
  • Clothing is hot, but not dry after a normal drying cycle
  • The dryer is hot to the touch
  • Musty odors towards the end of a drying cycle
  • Your system is not operating at the capacity it used to

All of these symptoms are dangerous warning signs. Have your dryer vent looked at today before it’s too late.

To have your vents cleaned by an expert or to get more insight into our dryer cleaning service to greater Cottage Grove area residences, call today at 651-792-5626 or Contact Us Online.