Dryer Vent Installation as a Means to Prevent Fire

A dryer does make your day-to-day easier. You do not have to worry about hauling in and out of your home all of the family clothing to hang and take down. You simply throw them all in the dryer and let it do its thing. With this great convenience also comes the potential for danger. If not properly installed and maintained a dryer is a fire hazard waiting to happen. If you feel your dryer may just be in a bad way, call us up at Dryer Vent Wizard! We can assist with an array of dryer issues as well as proper dryer vent installation for your Wayzata home.

Check your entire dryer set-up out. Do not allow for even the potential of fire breaking out in your home. Take the proper steps to ensure that your dryer is installed properly. Look for the following concerns or issues.

Your dryer vents should not be made of flexible foil or plastic. Vents consisting of these materials can be easily damaged or misshapen, leading to restricted air flow. Ripples found within these sorts can cause lint build-up, further increasing the risk of a dryer fire.

Avoid PVC piping at all costs as well. PVC encourages the emergence of static electricity, also enabling lint to stick to its walls. Existing lint then mixes with leftover and lingering moisture to create a sludgy substance that can also boosts dryer fire risks.

Duct tape is a no-no when it comes to your dryer. Sure, it is an all-star amongst the tape and adhesive family, but it is not designed to be used with dryers, especially when it comes to dryer vent installation. Duct tape will dry out quickly and allow for the creation of gaps in the vent’s joints.

Screws and bolts within the overall dryer venting network causes lint accumulation wherever they exist, also increasing the risk of a dryer fire.

When assisting with a dryer vent installation job, we always try to encourage home owners to make sure that all dryer vents end outside of the building or home. Do not, under any circumstances, ever allow your dryer vents to end in an attic or crawl space. Mold and mildew tend to grow when dryer vents end in locations such as these, largely because of the moisture that dryers emit.

Cages and screens—as a means of thwarting the presence of birds and rodentia—covering the outside exit of your dryer vents contributes to lint build-up. You can purchase special covers for them that can be set-up during the dryer vent installation process.

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