When to Call a Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Plymouth

Fire safety at your home is incredibly important, so it’s crucial that you stay on top of keeping your house and family safe from the risk of a fire. One of the best ways to do this is to call a professional dryer vent cleaning company. Plymouth residents know they can call Dryer Vent Wizard any time they need help with their dryer vents, and we recommend that you call us every two to three years for expert dryer vent cleaning.

There are a few good signs you need to set up a dryer vent cleaning appointment with us. For example, if your clothing still has an odd odor to it, like a musty smell, even after it’s been through the washer and dryer. Or if you have started to notice your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry your clothing (and you might even see an increase in your utility bill). You might also notice lint around the door seal or the top of the dryer is very hot while it’s running. These are a few good signs that your dryer vents need a little TLC.

We will send someone to your house to clean your dryer vents. The process will usually take about one to two hours and will consist of a few different steps. We will perform a full inspection. Our technicians will then use special equipment to thoroughly clean out your dryer vents. We will not stop the vacuuming until your dryer vents are totally clean and free of lint and other debris.

Throughout the entire dryer vent cleaning process, we will gladly answer your questions and explain what we’re doing.

There are a few things you can do to keep your dryer vents from getting clogged too quickly. Air dry thick bedding and heavy clothing. Use half of a dryer sheet instead of a full one. Clean out your dryer’s lint trap after every use. Be sure you dryer vents are made out of the right material: a hard metal vent. If you are unsure about any of this, call our dryer vent cleaning company for help.

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