Proper Dryer Vent Installation

Your dryer is one of the most important appliances in your home. It makes it much easier and convenient to get your laundry done. But as convenient as dryers can be, they can also be dangerous if they are not properly maintained. Here are a few good rules of thumb for keeping your dryer and its vent and ducts in good working order. And if you need assistance with dryer vent installation in Apple Valley, give us a call!

Rule One: Use the right material

Dryer vents should not be made out of flexible plastic or flexible foil. These can be easily crushed or kinked and that can restrict air flow. The ridges in these types of materials can also cause excess lint to build up in them, and that can increase the risk of a dryer fire.

PVC piping should not be used either. Static can build in these materials and cause lint to stick to the inside. The lint can then mix with excess water and create a sludge-like substance that can also increase the risk of a dryer fire.

Rule Two: When connecting venting materials, do not use duct tape

While duct tape is a great adhesive, this is not the best type to use for your dryer vents during dryer vent installation jobs. The adhesive will dry out over time and create gaps in the vent’s joints.

Rule Three: When securing joints, do not use screws or bolts

Much like ridges in plastic or foil, screws and bolts also cause lint to accumulate. And this also increases the risk of a dryer fire.

Rule Four: Dryer vent should never end in attics or crawl spaces

During a dryer vent installation job, you want to be sure that the dryer vent ends outside of the house or building. It should never end in an attic or crawl space. If a dryer vent ends there, it can encourage mold and mildew growth because of the moisture they emit.

Rule Five: Do not use a screen or cage where the dryer vent ends outside

A screen or cage might seem like a great way to keep birds, squirrels and other critters from nesting in your dryer vents, but the screen or cage can also cause excess lint to build up. There are special covers that can be installed during the dryer vent installation process.

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