Dryer Vent Safety Tips

As a dryer vent cleaning company in the St Paul area, we often see the same issues with dryer vents and hoses. Here is a brief rundown of the common repairs and issues we fix for our clients and the ways you can avoid these problems yourself.

  • Your dryer vents should be made out of a rigid metal material, not plastic, foil or PVC piping. If your dryer vent is made out of anything but metal, this can increase the risk of a dryer fire. For example, PVC and plastic can cause static, which can then cause the dryer lint to stick to the inside of the vent’s walls. The lint then mixes with the water that is expelled from the dryer during the drying process. And that can create a sludge mixture that can increase the risk of a fire starting. Plus, PVC “sweats” and that can cause lint to collect and harden. So when our dryer vent cleaning company comes to clean your dryer vents, it’s that much harder to get them clean.
  • Never use duct tape to connect venting materials and never use bolts or screws to secure joints on your dryer vents and hoses. The adhesive on duct tape dries out and that can create gaps in the joints. Lint can collect on bolts and screws, and that can also increase the risk of a dryer fire starting.
  • Your dryer vents should always end outside. They should never terminate in an attic or crawl space. If dryer vents terminate anywhere but outside, that can lead to mold and mildew growth. And that, in turn, can pose a health hazard to you and your family members. Our dryer vent cleaning company can help if you realize your dryer vents turn or terminate in your attic crawl space, garage or basement.
  • If you are worried about pests, animals and other critters entering your dryer vent, give our dryer vent cleaning company a call. We can come out and take the necessary steps to ensure your dryer vents are protected from these unwanted visitors.
  • Always keep an eye out for the signs that you need to call our dryer vent cleaning company for cleaning or repair services. Some signs include a musty smell on your clothes after they’ve been through your dryer, an increase in the amount of time it takes for your dryer to dry your clothes, an increase in your utility bills and a dryer that is hot to the touch after it’s been in use.

Do you need a reliable dryer vent cleaning company in St Paul? Call Dryer Vent Wizard at 651-792-5626, or you can contact us and Request Service.