Signs Your Dryer Was Not Installed Properly

Dryer fires are a very real threat: not just here in Minnesota but in every home that has a dryer. As a dryer vent cleaning service in Plymouth, we have seen plenty of improperly installed dryers. So here are a few signs that your dryer was not installed properly and that you should look into having it fixed.

  • What are your dryer vents and hoses made out of? If your answer is flexible plastic or flexible foil, you need to look into getting new dryer vents and hoses. They should be made out of a stronger metal. Flexible plastic and aluminum are easily crushed or kinked and that can result in restricting airflow to the outdoors. Plus, these kinks also trap excess lint, and that can result in a dryer fire. When you contact our dryer vent cleaning service, we can inspect your dryer’s vents and hoses to ensure they are made out of the proper material.
  • Dryer vents should not be made out of PVC pipes or plastic either. PVC and plastic generate static electricity, and that can cause lint and other debris to stick to the side of the pipe. The lint can mix with the moisture that comes from the dryer, and that can result in a dryer fire. Even if a fire doesn’t break out, this mixture can be more difficult for a dryer vent cleaning service like ours to clean out, especially if it hardens or turns into a sludge.
  • Inspect your dryer vents and hoses again. Do you see any duct tape? If so, this is another sign that your dryer was not properly installed. The adhesive of this type of tape can dry out over time, and that can create gaps in the vent’s joints.
  • If you see screws or bolts securing any joints in your dryer vent hose, call our dryer vent cleaning service for help. These screws and bolts can also collect lint and increase the risk of a dryer fire.
  • Follow your dryer vent hose. Where does it lead? If the answer is anywhere besides outdoors, then call us. Your dryer should always vent outside, not into an attic or crawl space.
  • Trust your gut. If you ever smell a burning odor coming from your dryer, turn the dryer off as soon as you can and get help.

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