How Do Dryer Fires Start?

We all hear a lot about dryer fires these days, and maybe some of us even know a family that was affected by a dryer fire. But when it comes down to it, do you really know or understand what causes and dryer fire and why dryer vent cleaning in Minnesota is so important?

All it takes to spark a dryer vent fire is a piece of lint and a hot machine. If a piece of lint hits the machine’s heater, that can cause a spark. Granted, one spark will not cause a big fire, but if one piece of lint sparks another piece, that can have a domino effect. When those sparks ignite something that is close to your dryer, like a pile of laundry or a piece of the carpet, that can have catastrophic results. And even if you are thinking to yourself “There is nothing near my dryer that could catch on fire!” you should think again. If you have a plastic dryer hose, that can also catch on fire and cause a much bigger problem.

We always preach that the best way to prevent a dryer fire is with regular dryer vent cleaning. But there are a few other precautions you can take, such as not allowing your dryer to run when no one is home, making sure your dryer is in good working order overall and making sure your dryer hoses are made out of aluminum and not plastic.

So keep your family, yourself and your home safe. Make sure you schedule regular dryer vent cleaning. Make sure your dryer is working properly and that everyone in your family knows not to leave the dryer running unattended.

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