Faster Drying Times

When dryer vents are too long, have too many 90 degree turns or become laden with lint you will greatly increase your drying time. Calculations show that for the average amount of laundry a family of four does, if you have to run your dryer more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes you will increase your cost for drying about $40 per month. Keeping your vent clean will not only reduce your utility costs but will prolong the life of your dryer and create a safe environment for your family. We are often able to reroute or alter your vent to create a more efficient system for your dryer. Ask us about solving your drying problems permanently.

News from Dryer Vent Wizard of Minnesota Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Dryer Duct Cleaning

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Got cabin fever yet? This winter has been long and cold. But, spring is just around the corner! Along with spring cleaning preparations, your months spent indoors have likely got you thinking about your home’s indoor air quality. Dryer duct cleaning for your Cottage Grove home is one way to improve the air you breathe… Read more »

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